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Dave Wild (aka David Wild, aka David A. Wild), born in New York City shortly after its purchase by the Dutch, has wandered about a lot, with stops in Honolulu, California, Michigan, Los Angeles and San Juan PR among other places. (We're currently perched on the side of a rare hill in otherwise-flat Central Texas). Against all odds a Dave Wild Trio has managed to assemble and perform at each stop. dave wild trio.gif

During the wanderings there were also some publications of interest (discographies, transcriptions, jazz journalism of various sorts). I acquired academic credentials during a few of the stops (BA in English from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and an MA in English from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti MI). For many years there was a day job, toiling in a sunless over-air-conditioned office deep within the Federal bureaucracy, knee-deep in paperclips, pried-open staples and crumpled post-its (the invisible means of support for all of this).  That association ended in early 2009, leaving behind a trickle of funding and the time to chase more paper (a masters in jazz studies--arranging/composing at the University of North Texas, completed in 2012). Currently an adjunct position teaching English at McLennan Community College keeps the red pen busy.

Before we move out to the virtual garage to poke in those boxes marked JAZZ, are there any questions? A short bio of Dave? Try here. Dave's promo stuff (samples, photos)? Over here. The John Coltrane Reference--try the annex. (You can also check out the navigation bar on your left, or more links here).


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Dave Writes.....

During our 15 years in Ann Arbor, that remarkable town west of Detroit, some equally remarkable things happened.  Casual research became not-so-casual, and eventually two standard discographies were born: The Recordings of John Coltrane: A Discography - 1979, and Ornette Coleman: A Discography - 1980, with Michael Cuscuna, both essentially out-of-print.   In the early seventies I began writing for Coda (out of Toronto) and a little later for downbeat (I was Detroit correspondent for that long-lived publication, from 1979-1987).  Vvadvert.gifThe Coltrane research led to liner note assignments for something like 20 John Coltrane recordings on Impulse, in its various guises (ABC-Impulse, MCA Impulse, GRP Impulse and now Verve Impulse/Universal Music) .  The 1997 assignment to do the notes for the definitive collection of Coltrane's 1961 Village Vanguard recordings (described on my Village Vanguard page) was especially rewarding, and the hits keep coming--2013's Sun Ship: The Complete Sessions is the most recent hot topic.

I can also claim two dozen or so articles in the Grove Dictionary of Jazz and an article on Coltrane's music (1961-1967) in Carl Woideck's anthology The John Coltrane Companion (published in 1998 by Schirmer), among other things.  Early in the last decade a group of us came together to work on a successor to Yasuhiro Fujioka's John Coltrane discography (his discography replaced mine as the "standard" in 1995), expanded to include a complete chronology.  The team--including Fuji himself, Lewis Porter, Wolf Schmaler, Chris DeVito and me—collaborated remotely for years, and Routledge published the results—the massive and award-winning John Coltrane Reference —in December 2007, with a paperback/eBook reissue in 2013..

Incidentally, I don't know enough about popular TV shows like Friends to name the characters, let alone write about them. Those books were authored by what puertoriqueños call un tocayo, same name different face--another Wild David, formerly an editor at Rolling Stone and most recently host of the series Musicians on the Bravo cable network. I also am not to be trusted with blueprints; for that category of expertise you should seek out the English architect David Wild (who recently published a book of jazz photos, Jazzpaths: an American photomemento, taken during two years in the US 1964-1966). If you feel like you've stumbled into some alternate reality (where Buddy Bolden talks to Ken Burns about Wynton Marsalis), perhaps it's one of the other Wilds you want.  In the interest of accepting my fair share of blame, I've listed most of what I've written over the years on a separate page: Dave Wild in Print, with a couple of samples.


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Dave Plays....

I also play piano and occasionally soprano saxophone (best characterized by borrowing Ogden Nash's description of the oboe, as "an ill wind that nobody blows good").  The Dave Wild Trio/Quartet performs somewhat regularly around Waco (see the CenTex jazz page for a schedule, or look at an excerpt from my iPhone at Dave's Calendar).  Several years ago we put together a CD called Wild Sides,  featuring bassist/producer (and close relative) Ken Wild, plus Ralph Humphrey, drums and Larry Williams, saxophones. I've been contributing arrangements to the Temple Jazz Orchestra (based at Temple College in Temple TX, not surprisingly). TJO's first CD, Soft Lights, Sweet Music, which features liner notes, a chart and the occasional piano solo by yours truly, was released early in 2001. TJO has since released four more CDs, all including yours truly—two CDs from smoking concerts by TJO and  Bill Watrous, another hot set with arranger/composer/saxophonist/pianist (whew) Gordon Goodwin,, and a fourth with all-original material (including two Wild charts). I toured in Europe with TJO in 2009 and again in 2012. That's usually me behind the piano in the Waco Jazz Orchestra as well. And on occasional trips Way Out West Ken and I get together in an ensemble we call The Wild Brotherstexas jazz.gif

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Dave's Short Term Memories....

In the last decade or so there have been several assignments of note: liner notes for several John Coltrane releases on Impulse, including The Very Best of John Coltrane, The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recordings and the aforementioned Sun Ship: The Complete Sessions, a reissue of trio music by Oscar Peterson, Oscar Peterson plays the Harold Arlen Song Book, notes for the TJO CD, articles for the periodicals Signal To Noise and Coda, as well as a John Coltrane solo transcription in the November 2001 down beat magazine. A performance by the Trio in April of '98 made it into the ether late that year, courtesy of the PBS series The All-You-Can-Eat Texas Music Café. TMC also captured the Temple Jazz Orchestra, in all our penguin-suited splendor, that November, and a couple of performances were broadcast in '99--they may still be riccocheting through the air waves, who knows?.  TJO's first CD with Bill Watrous included both of the Brothers Wild. I’m also on the eponymous Waco Jazz Orchestra CD from a few years back.  I haven't gotten around to the usual family stuff yet (Angelyn along with Stacy and Anthony of the Next Generation), but I sense bobbing heads and droopy eyelids amongst the visitors, so it's time to move on....…

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Dave Tries to Reorganize....

This page has become cluttered and chaotic (gee, that sounds like a pretty good description of yours truly). To bring a modicum of order to the clutter, here's a list:

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Earth To Dave, Come In Please...

The best way to contact me about any of this (with bookings, compliments, complaints or even litigious grumblings) is to email me at Wildmusic. I'll also accept collect emails for Ken Wild or TJO, if you insist...

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